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Google ML Catalyst with TensorFlow Certification Workshop

The two-day Google ML Catalyst with TensorFlow Certification Workshop held at IEDC CCE on December 2nd and 3rd, 2023, proved to be a resounding success. Attendees were immersed in the world of Machine Learning through hands-on sessions guided by industry experts Don C John and Prasoon Kottarathil. The workshop not only provided valuable insights into TensorFlow but also culminated in participants earning prestigious certifications, enhancing their expertise in the field.

Special recognition goes to Suni Jose Miss, whose outstanding support contributed significantly to creating a conducive learning environment. Participants not only delved into the intricacies of Machine Learning but also enjoyed networking opportunities, delectable meals, and surprise goodies. The workshop fostered a vibrant atmosphere of collaboration, attracting participants from over 5+ colleges and showcasing the diverse and inclusive nature of the learning community.

The success of this workshop sets the stage for exciting future opportunities. The IEDC TEAM encourages participants to stay tuned for upcoming events, promising continued growth and learning in the dynamic realm of Machine Learning. In conclusion, the workshop was a holistic experience, leaving attendees with certifications, valuable insights, and a network of connections, reaffirming IEDC CCE's position as a hub for innovation and learning in the field of Machine Learning.

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The "Converge" event held on October 21st, 2023, marked a remarkable day of excitement, learning, and fun for IEDC CCE members. The collaboration with alumni and engaging activities contributed to its resounding success.

The day commenced with an inspiring Alumni Interaction featuring Ajil Ibrahim, Athul Krishna, and Steve Austin. They shared insights from their journeys, providing valuable guidance to the eager participants.

A creative challenge added a competitive flair to the day, where teams "Aqua Clean" and "Eco-bin" emerged victorious with their innovative ideas. The challenge involved pitching ideas based on drawings given to the teams.

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"IEDC CCE x μLearn: Let The Design Begin" commenced on October 10th, 2023, with the first event of the series, "Design Thinking." The collaborative effort between IEDC CCE and μLearn aimed to provide a platform for participants to unleash their creativity and innovation.

The event kicked off with a dynamic exploration of design thinking and color theory. Led by resource persons Abhinav and Noah, the session immersed participants in hands-on activities, emphasizing the transformative power of design and color. The resource persons, well-versed in the subject, brought valuable insights from previous sessions.

The event received positive feedback for its engaging and interactive nature. Participants not only learned about design thinking principles but also actively applied them through practical exercises. Abhinav and Noah's expertise and previous experience in similar sessions contributed to the success of the event.

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Kickstart 3.0, organized by the IEDC of Christ College Of Engineering, Irinjalkuda, unfolded on the 21st and 22nd of August, serving as a vibrant and engaging welcome for the incoming freshers. The event was meticulously conducted by the Executive Committee (Excom) and dedicated volunteer seniors, ensuring a warm introduction to both college life and the activities of the IEDC.

The two-day extravaganza was designed to be more than just an entertaining welcome; it aimed to provide a deeper understanding of the purpose and values upheld by IEDC. The event featured a diverse range of activities, including games, fun-filled sessions, and an introductory segment by the Nodal Officer, Mr. Rahul Mamohar O, along with Excom members.

Beyond individual growth, Kickstart 3.0 aimed to forge lasting connections within the college community. By engaging in games, tasks, and skill-testing activities, students not only had fun but also formed the foundation for a supportive and collaborative environment.

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In celebration of Teachers' Day, IEDC CCE organized "Faculty Frames," a unique competition encouraging students to capture memorable moments with their teachers through selfies. The event took place on 5th September, and participants were required to follow the IEDC CCE Instagram account, take selfies with faculty members, and submit their entries via direct message.

The rules emphasized creativity, with students allowed to submit collages for multiple selfies. All entries were posted on Instagram stories, and the winners were determined through a poll, engaging the college community in selecting the most captivating selfies. The ECE Homies, 2nd-year ECE students, emerged victorious, securing the prize with the highest number of votes.

Additionally, another event added to the Teachers' Day celebration involved selecting the favorite teacher through a student interaction video survey. The process was both entertaining and insightful, capturing candid moments and student perspectives on their beloved teachers. The culmination of this event was marked by the uploading of a video showcasing the highlights and a thoughtful gift in honor of Teachers' Day.

The combination of the "Faculty Frames" selfie competition and the student interaction video survey added a delightful and personal touch to Teachers' Day celebrations, fostering a sense of camaraderie between students and faculty members. The success of these events showcased the enthusiasm and creativity within the college community in appreciating and honoring their teachers.

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TAKEOFF 2023, organized by IEDC CCE, emerged as an enlightening series event spanning multiple days, each dedicated to a distinct topic crucial for industry readiness. The initiative aimed to provide focused mentoring in specific domains, including LinkedIn, Git, C programming, and Figma.

The series kicked off with diverse topics, covering essential skills needed in the professional landscape. The first batch of TAKEOFF 2023 commenced on 5th July, focusing on LinkedIn, Git, C, Figma, and other relevant domains. Notably, the event was tailored exclusively for 1st-year students, reflecting a strategic approach to cater to their specific needs.

With a limited number of seats (30 in Batch #1), the event ensured an interactive and personalized learning environment. Participants were required to register using a user-friendly online form, and a nominal registration fee of ₹100/- was applicable to selected candidates.

TAKEOFF 2023 stands as a testament to IEDC CCE's dedication to nurturing and equipping students with the skills essential for a successful career in the ever-evolving professional landscape.

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Belfort of Wall Street

"Winners use words tht say 'must' and and 'will'."
-Jordan Belfort

As part of Techletics'22 IEDC_CCE presented Belfort of Wall Street as part of Techletics'22 is here with Belfort of Wall Street. Participants had to present an innovative solution to tackle the problem stated.
It was a 3 day event where only the winners of each round where progressed to further rounds. The main stages such as ideation, prototype presentation, business pitch, and Shark tank were covered through 4,5,6 May 2022. The final 2 teams were evaluated on basis of the maximum votes they earned. The intention of this event, 'to give a glimpse of how start-up companies were built from scratch' was achieved successfully.

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IEDC Summit

With immense pleasure and joy, here are the results of Innovators' Premier League (IPL) conducted by Kerala Startup Mission. We have bagged the following accolades from KSUM yesterday

  • Top performer in district
  • 2nd runner-up in IPL State Champions
  • 2nd runner up in top performing institutions (Engineering Colleges)
  • 2nd runner-up in top performer(Central region)
  • Special mention and recognition for our flagship event Lifeathon
  • IEDC has been upgraded to Kerala State Recognised TBI *
  • Thomas Siby, the CEO of IEDC_CCE have also received special mention for Innovators' Premier League
IPL was an event lasting for more than 120 days which included various types of programs, competitions and lot more.
We had been competing with 340+ IEDCs in our State. Congratulating each and everyone for this great success
We would like to thank the Management, Principal, Vice principal, HODs and the staff team for this great achievement.

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LEAP(Learn from the Professionals) Season 2, the talk show helps us relish the taste of what it is to be a successful professional and learn paramount knowledge to become one among them. LEAP is also an initiative of the previous ex-com. LEAP reached its second season by enlightening the students in different areas. LEAP is related to the technical side and all of the episodes in both seasons were filled with the doubts and queries of participants.

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DATE, ("DATE WITH AN ENTREPRENEUR"), Season 2 is a series of talk shows that started in the time of the previous ex-com. It is our major event that is still continuing its journey. Now, DATE covered its second season. In both seasons, we brought eminent personalities who brightened up their life by starting a start-up. The talk show was conducted on the google meet platform and every episode had more than a hundred participants. The DATE with an entrepreneur will be back with new aspiring innovators who motivate budding entrepreneurs.

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Sharktank CCE

Shark Tank CCE was introduced as a prime event of innovation and entrepreneurship customized for the student community. It was intended as a pitching - cum - funding opportunity. Our motive was to help local startups with a bright future to make a huge leap by helping them secure the necessary funds, teach students about the challenges an entrepreneur faces while pitching their idea to an investor and to help students see the benefits of investing in potential startups.With the successful completion of the event, we were gratifyingly able to achieve our objectives and give back to the student community in a greater way. The Domains of event were Agritech and health care. The winners of each team were awarded with $500.

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Elektro - TeQ

The Electrical and Electronics Department of CCE in association with IEDC_CCE, Irinjalakuda conducted Elektro - TeQ, a National Level student project expo competition on 4th May, 2022, as a part of Techletics'22. It served as a platform for the students community to showcase their innovative projects and technology. It was a great opportunity for the young minds to present their inventive ideas in front of an experienced judging panel and interact with a large audience. 25 teams from different regions took part in the competition. Prizes worth 70k was awarded to the winners. The first prize was bagged by the team Atmega Robotics and the second prize by the team Techno - Dyne each winning a prize money of 30k and 20k respectively. The third prize was shared by the teams Alpha Bytes and Magic Stove bagging a cash prize of 10k. Teams VBind innovation and SCAR won the best presentation awards of 5k each.

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Yuva Boot Camp

IEDC CCE in association with Kerala Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, Department of Industries and Commerce,Govt.of Kerala presents:
It was a 2 day boot camp at district level based on business model canvas followed by idea pitching, to create awareness about entrepreneurship and start up in college students and youth. 30 selected teams at district level will be provided mentorship sessions for 4 days followed by final idea pitch at State level.
DATES :- 15,16 December 2021
Benefits for students:-

  • Cash prize of Rs.10,000/-each for 10 teams
  • Certificate of appreciation for 30 State level participant teams
  • E-Certificate of participation for district level teams
  • Mentorship support

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IEDC team of Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda organised an Inaugural ceremony of Lifeathon season 2 on September 15 in presence of Mr. Muhammed Riyas, Project director of Kerala startup mission and Dr. Saji Gopinath, Vice chancellor of Digital University Kerala. The session brought students the opportunity to learn and understand about various startup missions and programs under the government. This All India Hackathon focuses on 'connecting students with start-ups'. With the begin on 15th September 2021, it came to an end on 18th January 2022. The presentation phase, prototype phase, etc gave them a handful of experiences. 8 teams emerged as the winners for different company problem statements. Thus, 82 entries,41 presentations, and 9 problem statements made a significant turning point.

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e-talk at St. Joseph's

IEDC_CCE in collaboration with St.Joseph's College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda brought out e-talk.
The event was conducted in offline mode on 2nd December, 2021. The resource person for the session was Mr.Rahul Manohar O, IEDC Nodal Officer, Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda. The session covered topics on creating a road map for student entrepreneurship. He gave detailed idea on what entrepreneur is, how a student can be an entrepreneur, what all are necessary for being an entrepreneur etc through a variety of interactive methods.
The event marked its beginning at 10am at college auditorium and came to an end by 13:30pm. More than 100 students attended the session and they gained knowledge with their precious time.

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Innovators' Premier League

IEDC team of Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda organised the launch of IPL ( Innovators' Premier League ) on Monday, 27th September 2021. The chief guest for the launch was Mr.Robieo R Chazhoor, Assistant Manager-HR at Star TV network.
The session was blessed with the presence of Fr. John Paliakara CMI, Executive Director of Christ College of Engineering. Joint Director, Fr.Joy Payyapilly, Principal Dr. Sajeev John, IEDC Nodal Officer Rahul Manohar and many faculty members and around 100+ students were also present in the event.
The session brought students the opportunity to learn and understand about various programs to be conducted under IPL as well as the perks and honor which will be recieved through it.
The IPL launch was followed by a film fest namely Entrepreneurial Carnival, explicitly focussed on innovation and technology. It was the movie - Tenet that was streaming for the film fest. 50+ students were present for the movie night.
The entire event was coordinated and organised well by the IEDC team. It was a wonderful session filled with insights and lessons.

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Eureka ‚21

Be ready with your wonderful ideas!
We are back with our Idea pitching competition.

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Hobby Hub has come up with an exciting event " HOBBY HUNT- 2021 " to promote your artistic abilities and skillsets. We will provide you a list of hobbies and you just complete the below 3 steps:
1)Register yourself for the event.
2)Choose your interest.
3)Show up your skills and send a video

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Collaborative event of SAE CCE and IEDC CCE, Irinjalakuda Date: 23rd- 26th September 2021
SAE CCE and IEDC CCE jointly worked together for a collaborative event SAE WEEK 2.0, for the young entrepreneur minds of Christ college of Engineering, Irinjalakuda. SAE WEEK includes competitions titled Auto Quiz, Debate, Biomimicry, Refrigeration and Air conditioning and Process planning.

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IIC and IEDC of CCE collaboratively conducted 2 days of IMPACT LECTURE SERIES including 2 sessions each.
Day 1 was conducted on 28th September 2021 from 5-8pm. We had two resource persons for the day. Mr. Sarin. C R, Assistant Professor of Vimal Jyothi College of Engineering, Director of Saines Agrotech Pvt Limited, and Mr. Jijo Paul, CEO – Resnova Technologies Pvt Ltd. Sarin sir discussed Intellectual Property Rights and how to file a patent and what is patentable. Jijo sir discussed the ways by which one can solve a problem and make it into a new innovation through real-life examples.
Second session was on 12th October 2021. The resource persons were Dr. Arun Surendran, Principal, Trinity College of Engineering, and Mr. Sunil Paul, CEO – Srishti Robotics Pvt Ltd. They made all aware about How to Bring a Startup Ecosystem and Converting Innovation into a Successful Product.

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Resource person :Mr. Sanil Anand Managing Director of Dronacharya Automation and Packmen Machineries Pvt Ltd. Italk as part of IPL provides knowledge to aspiring minds interested in creating a startup.He joined us to talk about his experiences as an entrepreneur. The session took place on 15th October 2021 at 7 pm. The entire event was coordinated and organised well by the IEDC team. It was a very informative session filled with various knowledge and life lessons. The students interacted actively making it a great success.

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E-Talks at Christ college of Engineering

Date : 12/10/2021
The IEDC team of Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda organized ETalks as part of IPL(Innovators Premier League) on October 12 in presence of Mr. Arun Surendran, Trinity College of Engineering.
The session was blessed with the presence of Fr. John Paliakara CMI , Executive Director of Christ College of Engineering. Joint Director, Fr.Joy Payyapilly, Principal Dr. Sajeev John, Vice Principal Dr. John V.D, IEDC Nodal Officer Rahul Manohar and many faculty members and around 200+ students were also present for the event. The session inspired students to enter into the field of innovation and startup, using their creative ideas with the help of various opportunities available around them.The entire event was coordinated and organized well by the IEDC team. It was a beautiful session filled with various experiences and life lessons. The students interacted actively making it a great success.

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Date : 8/11/2021
IEDC_CCE brought out one of the much awaited event , IDEATHON, which marked its schedule on 8th November 2021.The session began by 10am at the open auditorium. It was considered as a platform where one's idea speaks. The participants were given a chance to pitch their ideas and get rewarded. Various ideas sprout out which inturn will bring a vast change in our present life. The judging panel consisted of the esteemed staff who valued each idea in the proper manner. By 4 pm all pitching was completed. The two teams selected for the next round of regional level IDEATHON were team 'Police Robot' and team 'Care'. Team CARE consisted of Cizil Maria, Kiran, Jils and Abhishek.Team POLICE ROBOT consisted of Austin, Joseph Sam, Catherine, Rajeshwari and Steve.
Over 15 teams of maximum 5 members registered for the same. Now all are excited and are eagerly waiting for the regional level IDEATHON. Once again it was an excellent opportunity for all young professionals to showcase their ideas.

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Kick Start 2021 for the first year students on 1st November 2021. The session was conducted to make the newly joined students aware of IEDC and its activities.It also aimed to promote various skills like marketing, problem solving,team bonding, entrepreneurship etc. through various activities. It also opened a chance for the students to join IEDC if they wish to. After the energy gained from the event around 200+ students joined IEDC through the innovator portal. Hence it is marked as a great start for IEDC CCE and also a kickstart to their innovative minds.

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3D Printing Workshop

IEDC-CCE in association with the Department of Civil Engineering, conducted a hands-on 3D Printing Workshop on 23rd, November 2021. An event, exclusively organized for the 5th semester civil engineering students, included resource persons from Astrek Innovations. The workshop commenced at 9:30 am, and the whole class was divided into six groups for easy functioning. The simulations of the models were then designed on Tinkercad where students were able to sketch, project and create on their own. The workshop explained 3D printing and the internal processes involved during the production of an object. Towards the end, each group presented their model from a marketing perspective, from which the best model was printed in front of the whole class. Each stage of printing was demonstrated painstakingly to attain enhanced comprehension. The day turned out to be productive and hence received an exceptional feedback.

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Date: 23 Nov 2021
National Level Awareness Programme on Entrepreneurship & Support from Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt of India
Government of India, Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, MSME Development Institute, Thrissur and IEDC of Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda jointly organized SAMBHAV, a national level awareness programme on Entrepreneurship for the students of Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda. The online event commenced at 11:30 am in Google Meet. Shri G. Velladurai, Dy. Director - CDO gave the welcome address. Shri G.S. Prakash, Joint Director & HOO, MSME-DI, Thrissur, and Dr. Sajeev John, Principal, Christ College of Engineering, also addressed the audience giving their introductory remarks. A motivational video aimed at encouraging the participants to take up Entrepreneurship was shown thereafter.
Shri G. Velladurai briefed about the programmes & policies offered by M/o MSME, Govt of India. An animated documentary explaining the schemes of ministry was later presented. Shri Paul Thachil, Proprietor, M/s Rapol Saniplast (P) Ltd., Ernakulam shared his experience as an entrepreneur. A video on success stories was then played, followed by an interaction of students with entrepreneurs and MSMI-DI officials. Shri G. Velladurai concluded the session and feedbacks were collected from the students. Shri. Rahul Manohar, Professor, Christ College of Engineering, Irinjalakuda, delivered the vote of thanks. The session came to an end at 1 pm. It, hopefully, instilled in young minds the grave importance of entrepreneurship and the future of MSME.

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Startup Awareness and Leadership Training

SALT, an initiative of Kerala Startup Mission was implemented by IEDC_CCE. "SALT", session with the students of 9th and 11th of Christ Vidyanikethan, Irinjalakuda. A team of five students from our college got training from KSUM and these students took classes for school students of Christ Vidyanikethan Irinjalakuda. Through the series of classes, students got proper knowledge of start-ups and the need for leadership. This program helps to build a start-up ecosystem from schools themselves. Thus innovative minds will brush up in the age of teen.

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Regional Level IDEATHON

Regional level IDEATHON was conducted as part of Innovators' Premier League on the 4th, and 5th of January 2022 in online mode via Google Meet. The two days of IDEATHON were efficiently organized by giving different time slots and links to participants. The students were informed about their respective time slots and were asked to present their ideas within the scheduled time using their various tools for presentation. The morning session began at 9:30 am and extended till 1 pm. The afternoon session began at 1:30 pm and concluded by 4 pm. The esteemed judging panel included Dr.Ansal (Asst. Professor(Adhoc ) NIT, Goa ), Mr.Jithin (COO, Astrek Innovation, Kochi ), and Mr. Sharon (Regional Lead, Nascomm, Ernakulam). They had spent their valuable time for the young aspiring minds with creative ideas. From 46 colleges, 52 teams participated in the event. The students effectively used the golden platform to think out of the box and express their vibrant ideas.

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After a long series of successful events, CCE experienced the most awaited one - JUMPSTART 4.0. Jumpstart 4.0 is an initiative of IEDC_CCE which is an internal bootcamp where the students experienced a variety platform to interact, gain information, develop and solve the real world problems. This bootcamp which is a combination of technical values and non technical events developed a strong entrepreneurial and innovative thoughts in budding engineers.
Jumpstart 4.0 marked its beginning on June 3, 2022 at 4 pm. This exciting platform was open for all first and second year students. The session began with the presence of our Director Fr. John Palliekkara CMI, Principal Dr. Sajeev John, Vice Principal Dr. VD John, Nodal Officer Mr.Rahul Manohar and Asst.Nodal Officer Mrs.Aswathy. Their talk made the crowd more enthusiastic.
The first session was by Sonu J S(Founder of Starting Trouble). It began by 5 pm and extended till 8 pm. It was fully filled with various individual and group tasks which will helped the students to know more about IEDC, innovation etc. Through each task different values and experiences were grabbed.The active involvement of students made the event goal reach its peak. After this session the students were given time for refreshment. By 10:30 after dinner all students gathered in the open auditorium for an interacting session. A large circle was formed and each student was asked to perform different tasks such as music, dance, acting etc. Both the participants and volunteers interacted well. This session was totally fun-filled. Later on all moved to the base camp where the movie night was set. The day came to an end by the movie with all audience attention, comments and expressions moved to a different level.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.'

IEDC CCE in association with Dept.of Mechanical Engineering & Shrishti Robotics Technologies Pvt Ltd,organized a wonderful session for young aspiring minds , 'A hands-on training on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision.'
The resource persons for the day were Mr.Krishnakumar (Director, Enterprises Solutions,Texas District, USA)and Mr.Vipin Mathew(Head training division, Shrishti Robotics Technologies Pvt Ltd).The sessions covered included Python,OpenCV and Object Detection.
The session was very interesting and students keenly attended the session.Session marked it beginning at 9:30am and it came to an end by 4:30pm.The credits for the event goes to the core team, AI ML & Robotics group and Dr.Sijo for all coordination and support.Around 100+ students participated for the session.It really turned out to be a useful and informative one by improving engineering skills and confidence of all participants.